Insights from the 2019 ODF Community Survey

Earlier this year we surveyed members about their needs, interests and experiences. Thank you to the 90 people who responded. Below are some insights we have drawn, or see a recap of the survey results for more details.

  1. We are a strongly practioner-based group, consisting of a balance of in-house professionals (42%) and consultants (54%), who are engaging with ODF in search of learnings, tools and networks that can be applied to their work.
  2. We are seasoned professionals (87% have more than 10 years work experience, 77% have over 7 years in organization design) with enormous knowledge and capability to share, not just in organization design but in organizational development and culture.
  3. A large proportion (63%) are looking for personal connections to emerge from ODF
  4. We have a significant number of new members (53% of respondents connected to ODF less than 3 years ago) eager to become more engaged.
  5. Our community has some work to do to improve our use and adoption of technology. While our group is not particularly active on social media, there is a clear opportunity to improve the experience and functionality of our website and other collaboration tools.

The ODF Board will be using the survey to guide our strategic planning session in October, ensuring we stay focused on practitioner needs and building community.

If you have any questions or feedback on the survey, please reach out to our Administrator, Tanya, at

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