The ODF Conference is intended to be THE annual gathering of practitioners and those interested in organization design – where we come together to connect, convene and create innovative and leading edge thinking – at the intersection of  theory and practice.  And when we gather we openly share knowledge, create community, and promote excellence in the practice. We do this in service to organizations around the world being more effective, successful, and inspiring places to work.

Fresh Thinking

Walk Out of Here Inspired

Connecting w/ Fellow Org Design Practitioners

2020 Conference: EXPERIMENTING with ORGANIZATION DESIGN: New Ways of Creating and Evolving Work

We’ll explore organization design today – from start-ups to mature organizations, from traditional to more modern structures, and consider tools of the trade – how they’re changing, how they’re the same, and what data driven decision making looks like in 2020. We’ll explore how to assess things like belonging and connectedness, and the role of purpose in defining the work to be done.

Join our Experiment in Disruption . . .
we are transitioning our 2020 Conference content into a virtual series
June 18 – 24

2019 Conference: TECHNOLOGY IN SERVICE OF PEOPLE; The Art & Science of Transforming our Work

How do we design to enable technology that truly supports people working in new and innovative ways? How do we digitize and keep people engaged in meaningful work? How do we organize for 21st century business speed and keep pace with practical people and customer needs? At ODF’s 2019 conference, we’ll explore these critical questions facing organizations today.

April 16 – 18, 2019
Kirkland, WA


Recognizing the need to seek ideas from “outside the box,” and build a rich toolbox of design approaches and methods, this conference focused on the need for the field of Organization Design to continue to evolve along with the organizations we serve in creating resilient, versatile, adaptive and innovative organizations.

April 24 – 26, 2018
Ann Arbor, MI


The conference focused on design solutions that create positive shifts and a harmonious balance among social, technical, market, and community systems.

April 25 – 27, 2017
Santa Fe, NM

Sponsorship Opportunities

Organization Design is a key source of competitive advantage.


As a 501(c)3 organization, ODF is seeking sponsorship support of companies who are interested in demonstrating their commitment to organization design by providing designated or undesignated contributions.


Sponsorship offers you brand visibility and marketing among talented leaders and practitioners in the field of organization design, through a package that includes:

  • Logo and brand placement on our website
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  • Complimentary conference registrations
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We plan for a maximum of 120 participants, which serves to ensure that people get a chance to have deeper conversations and connections.  We also design the conference to have ample interactions, experimentation and generation of new ideas. The beauty is that you don’t have to explain what you do.  You can share your challenges, your questions, your practice in a spirit of understanding and generosity.

We aim for plenary speakers who stretch our thinking, create connections in different ways and push us to challenge our assumptions.  Our other sessions are examples of work, new models and ideas that advance our practice.

Our desire to advance the practice and create connections in ways that makes this the one conference a year that you HAVE to attend!

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