Community Conversation: Achieving and Sustaining Design Outcomes

 In Comm Convo
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February 08, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Join community member, Dan Ritter and his co-facilitator, Peter Ross, in an engaging dialogue on the considerations beyond establishment of an initial organization design to achieve and sustain desired results. Organization design work is not complete once an effective and efficient design has been established. Explore ways to be thoughtful about transitions, establish and track measures of success, and monitor future design needs.

Objectives: achieve a shared view of some of the details in implementing complex designs – for possible further exploration

Assumptions: most participants are familiar with and have applied a systems-based approach to organization design (e.g. Galbraith Star).  This session will dig deeper to explore with the ODF community what needs to happen to achieve and sustain desired results, once high-level design specifications have been developed

Discussion 1: What results do we hope to achieve through Organizational Design efforts?  What do you hear from your clients?

Discussion 2: How do we achieve these results?

Discussion 3: How do we sustain these results?

Discussion 4: How do we know when future design work is needed?


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