Community Conversation: Working on Complex Collaborations

 In Comm Convo
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October 17, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


October 17th @ 12:00 PM (EDT)

Working on Complex Collaborations – what holds people together when time and circumstances conspire to pull them apart?

The global context of organizations has changed. With increased interdependency and distribution of work, organizations must count on partners and alliances to impact larger systems and solve ‘wicked’ problems – problems defined more generally as complex.  Today, there is a growing realization that people working across boundaries– communities, businesses, professional disciplines – will be required in tackling complex social issues.  To be effective, unprecedented levels of collaboration, shared resources, and special expertise will be required.  Bringing all of this together takes new models and tools to engage the right players, align their thinking and understanding, before moving to a coordinated action that yields lasting results.

In this session we’ll explore. . .

  • What is at play when a team collaborating across boundaries moves from committed individuals to a unified body
  • Mindset shifts for working at scale and principles of how to get there
  • Example of a real life complex collaboration where breakthrough results occurred –where else can we see this work?

Anne Murray Allen is a Global Partner at Conversant Solutions, the author of several articles on collaboration, and has recently written a Guidebook to Working on Complex Collaborations to be published in 2018. After a long career as an executive at HP, Anne joined Conversant and has worked as a consultant for organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, the Port of Portland, The Energy Foundation, and a variety of business organizations across the globe. She will be sharing key findings of her doctoral research and how it applies to a real world example of teams operating at a scale that matters.


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