EXPANDING YOUR POWER (this Experiment is real): NOW DESIGN THE NEW WORLD by Bruce Mabee

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June 22, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


A micro-Power Lab can help you and your clients focus the living “macro” power—as coalitions inside and outside are invisibly shaping the organization’s effectiveness that you are helping build. In this session we will engage the group in a very short version of a Power Lab. Various designs of this lab have empowered strategic planning, change projects and crisis response. It has been successfully adapted and used in global corporations, government and non-profit organizations.



A simple model of Small Power/Large Power takes organizations beyond the standard power questions. Rather than wondering “Who’s got the power?” or “How can you influence more effectively?” we tap into the macro-power—the specific, often-invisible, stakeholder coalitions that are always shaping the organization. There will be examples of “tweaks” that empowered large-scale design outcomes, and the group will be engaged to add more examples of how to expand your power significantly.

*Follow-Up Zoom session on Monday afternoon 7/13 (2 PM ET) –  Agenda: “What has helped your power since our session on June 22nd? What Next?’


Bruce Mabee, as internal OD consultant for ten years and external consultant for 30 years, has consulted over 135 client organizations in projects of strategic planning, design, and change. In many of these, managing “live systemic power” is the magic that made the larger outcomes stick.

The expanded view of power has been used in Walgreens, Motorola, and Conoco-Phillips, creative non-profits such as Working Bikes and Family Shelter Services, and governmental units of the US and Scotland.

Bruce has taught leadership, strategy and power in nine graduate schools, including Benedictine, Lake Forest, and the University of Chicago. He holds a BFA in Industrial Design and an MS in OD. He has also served for 15 years as evaluator for ADT’s Excellence in Practice and BEST Awards, and he co-created the Impact Awards of the OD Network of Chicago.

The Power in emerging forms of collaborative leadership enhances Design Thinking and Agile Innovation. This integrated trio is highlighted in Bruce’s upcoming book on “Impact.”


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