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June 19, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

We employ an organizational design process with the goal of transforming a client’s enterprise, often without considering the design of the physical workplace as an integral component of that desired transformation. Conversely, the design of the physical workplace is regularly conducted without an understating of the client’s organizational design or a consideration as to how that clients organizational design will either inhibit or enable the adoption of a successful workplace transformation. This gap on both sides of the spectrum creates both a challenge and an opportunity to enabling organizations to create more meaningful and sustainable ways of working to meet today’s business disruptions and challenges.

In this interactive session, participants will develop an understanding of why a synergistic approach to organizational design and workplace design creates a new paradigm to help organizations transform and adopt new ways of working to meet the unplanned challenges and unknown disruptions facing all organizations.

Based on post-graduate research from the presenters MBA and MPhil work on the inter-relationships between organizational design and workplace design strategies, along with examples from his practice area experience in working with organizations to design transformative ways of working, this session will explore OD methodologies that can be used to transform the workplace as a viable tool of transformation and change.

Participants will use the examples and methodologies presented to first assess their own organization and then solve a disruptive problem within their organization that will create solutions around stakeholder experiences, and organizational and workplace change that will impact both the organizational enterprise and the physical workplace.


Arnold Levin is a Regional Strategy Practice Area Leader with Gensler(www.genlser.com). With over 48 years’ experience in design strategy, organizational design, feasibility planning, workplace design, and design research, he has worked with a wide range of clients globally. This diverse range covers government and private sector organizations including GSA (US Department of Commerce, US Parks Service and US Department of Agriculture), LA County Government, City of New York, Bloomberg, Caterpillar, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, IBM, Microsoft and Capital One. Arnold has worked with clients throughout the US, the UK and Asia. He is a frequent speaker at Corenet, Neocon and IFMA World Workplace conferences in both the US and Europe. With an undergraduate degree in design, Arnold went on to complete an MBA in Design Management and an M.Phil. in Organizational Design. His research on organizational design, design strategy and workplace has been published in the Journal of Facilities Management, Journal of Design Management and WorkDesign.

He has combined his research in Organizational Design and Workplace Design methodologies into client focused design strategy solutions that engage clients in the process to develop innovative workplace solutions. Through his connecting an organizations enterprise design to workplace design strategies, he has developed successful alternative workplace strategies for Cook County Government, LA County Government, Caterpilllar in addition to his current work with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.


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