In the CODP program we endorse individual organization design professionals who meet a global set of requirements for certification

As an organization design professional, you can become certified if you meet a set of criteria divided into education and practice – both criteria are estimated based on your achievements through the past two years.

Education is evaluated based on a set amount of units that must be gathered through organization design courses, conferences and the like.

Practice is evaluated based on a set amount hours (25% of the average work week) that the applicant must have been either 1) teaching organization design relevant subjects, or 2) consulting on/executing organization design projects.

Applications will be evaluated quarterly (usually early Feb, May, Aug, and Nov) by a review committee consisting of leading academics and practitioners, representing the three partner organizations.

What is the Value of the program?

It is for organization design professionals wishing to distinguish themselves in the market, as well as clients looking for skilled professionals with certified practical and educational experience in the field.

The Certified Professional receives a certificate and is entered into an official registry and has the privilege to use the title of ‘Certified Organization Design Professional’ and a dedicated logo in their communication.

Who is certified?

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