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If you’d be interested in inviting your fellow community members to a “Pop-Up Conversation” (a 30 to 50-minute open space-style virtual conversation), an opportunity to have thinking partners about any organization design topic you are struggling with.  You provide the topic, we’ll send out the invite and provide the Zoom line at a time convenient to you.

Using Zoom, a virtual platform, ODF will facilitate 60-minute Community Conversations around topics that come from posing the questions:

  • What is the “Learning Edge” for you and your client/company?
  • What emerging trends are you seeing?

Each of these conversations will be led by a different community member, who designs the session, offering the opportunity for any community member to facilitate.  Our hope is that the talks will be so engaging it will lead to a continuing dialogue.

Community Conversations


Does the Current
Remote Work Environment
Have a Shelf-life?

Held on 03/17/21

Insights from the community  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Join ODF community members, Susanna Hunter and Carlos Valdes-Dapena, to explore:

  • How do we design organizational structures and practices to mitigate for the challenges of working in a remote or hybrid work environment?
  • How do we leverage the positives?

When the pandemic hit, many of our organizations rushed to a work from home environment.  We were amazed at the productivity employees had while managing kids, dogs and a lack of home office space. However, as many of us celebrate our first year anniversary working from home, what is the true cost to our organizations over the longer-term. Employee surveys indicate that while productivity may be high, employees are feeling fatigued and younger talent are concerned about their future development and career growth.  With new variants emerging and vaccines rolling out slower than we had hoped, we do not know how long this pandemic will last.  Some companies are saying that working remotely is the way of the future, others expect more of a hybrid model.

Too Little, Too Late:
Why Many Diversity and
Inclusion Efforts
Fall Short

Held on 02/10/21

Tom Falkowski, Managing Director at Kates Kesler/Accenture, shared the thought process after his blog post, Too Little, Too Late: Why many Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Fall Short, exploring how The Star Model provides a holistic view to look at the diversity opportunity and it starts with strategy.

Diversity in companies is an organization design issue and it needs to be addressed as such.  The research is clear; diverse organizations and teams make better decisions and outperform those that are less diverse. Yet, why are Diversity and Inclusion programs and initiatives so ubiquitous?

  • While many organizations are making strides in the right direction, too many fall short of their goals and aspirations.
  • Perhaps the biggest obstacle is that too many people still think about the lack of diversity as a problem to be solved versus an opportunity to be seized.

Human-Centered Org Design

Held on 01/19/21

Insights from the community  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

This Pop-Up conversation explored applying human-centered design methods to Organization Design?

Things to think about:

  • How might a human-centered approach change the organization design approach or process?
  • Would a human-centered design approach change the problem to solve or the job to be done?
  • What would organizational change and transformation look like if human-centered design were applied?

Shifting Value and Defining Outcomes in Managing Distant Work

Held on 10/06/20

This Pop-Up conversation focused on how work and value have shifted with the dramatic acceleration in distant work and how organization design professionals can lead in finding new ways of working and managing work.

Figuring out how to work going forward requires us to revisit what the value of work is and subsequently what we should measure.  Traditionally the value of work has been based on productivity however this traditional measure is not directly connected to experience.

Another dimension is what has been called the ‘productivity paradox’, a number of studies have found that productivity has been dropping in spite of decades of technology investment. Efforts by leaders to focus on productivity by monitoring screen time and meeting attendance have backfired in many cases, causing lower satisfaction and higher stress, while still not improving results.

Insights from the community  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Leading Virtual Teams – Staying Connected, Engaged and Productive in Complexity

Held on 04/15/20

Todd Weinstein, former internal OD consultant and Managing Principal at Gavia Partners introduces the 5-part Leadership Web of Success Model™ that explores how virtual team leaders help people connect to each other and to their organizations.

A leader’s capacity to effectively connect and collaborate across time zones, business units, cultures, geography is becoming an essential skill. To successfully leverage technology and sustain this connection, leaders must link together critical success factors.

Insights from the community  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Experimenting with Organization Design for Millennials

Held on 03/19/20

We engaged the Cultivate team from ON Semiconductor as they share some of their research and work on these topics. We will also hear from some of ODF’s organization designers as they share their thoughts on the implications to organization design and provide some thoughts on how you might design a more engaging organization for millennials and multi-generations.

Mar 19th Pop-Up Conversation  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Innovation & Organizations

Held on 02/11/20

On this pop up call a diverse group of practitioners specializing in innovation and organization design, development and change will (virtually) circle round for 45 minutes, beginning discussion with:

  1. What is the most common mistake that you see in organizations around innovation?
  2. What is a success story and to what do you attribute the success?

Feb 11th Pop-Up Conversation  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Beyond “Strategic”
Organization Design…
Working at the
Operating Model Level

Held on 01/30/20

During this community conversation, we discussed what is meant by “operating model” with practical examples and how is that the same or different than “strategic design. And of course, we’ll discuss and debate the results, impacts and consequences of working at the operating model level.

What is an Operating Model?  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Catalyzing More Powerful Meetings –
A Focus on Design

Held on 12/02/19

The Alchemy of Meetings  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

OBJECTIVES: In this conversation we will:

  • Share a simple framework for thinking about meetings holistically, with an emphasis on preparation and design.
  • In virtual breakout groups, invite participants to share their own experiences – both the struggles and successes
  • In the full group, share out common themes from those discussions
  • Conclude with reflections on best opportunities to practice in our upcoming meetings

Organization Design
Confessions of a Leader

Held on 10/16/19

Have you ever wondered what a c-suite leader really thinks of organization design? Have you struggled to influence a leaders’ thinking on organization design? Community members engage in a conversation with two business leaders who have agreed to share their wisdom and experience. Jeff Tritt and Terri Hill are anxious to hear what questions and challenges you have in engaging leaders in org design.

Our format will focus on your inquiries, so please come ready with questions and challenges you wish to discuss. This will be a great opportunity to get some coaching and ideas on how to talk organization design to a leader and build your ability to influence and coach leaders.

Questions and challenges engaging leaders in org design  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Community Engagement & Input

Held on 08/28/19

ODF board member, Cynthia Escamilla, shares the results of our community-wide survey, the actions we are taking as a result, and facilitates a discussion seeking your insights and ideas on how we can collectively best build and serve our ODF community.

The results of this conversation will be important input for the BoD’s upcoming annual strategic planning session.

Technology in Service of People –
The after-party “ah ha moments”

Held on 05/02/19

To continue our connections and thinking, please join us on Thursday, May 2nd at noon EDT for a Community Conversation where we will reflect on what was most valuable to us, what we will experiment with, and what is still resonating for us.  We’d also like to spend a few minutes getting feedback from you to make our 2020 conference in Nashville even better.

Emerging Organizations –
Where Are the Lines?

Held on 03/13/19

Join ODF board member, Stuart Wigham PhD, in a conversation exploring his doctoral research around new and novel approaches to organization formation.

Stuart’s research focused on the case of a public sector organization creating a company to trade in the market place in order to raise revenue to support other public services.  In addition to the typical organization design conundrums this raises, it also raises the question of where are the lines (or not) between business and enterprise.

Is Honesty a Design Challenge?

Held on 01/24/19

Is Honesty a Design Challenge?  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Ron Carucci, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Navalent, and also a keynote speaker at ODF’s 2019 Annual Conference in a conversation exploring designing for integrity.

Ron has recently completed a 15-year longitudinal study revealing four systemic patterns that directly shape whether or not people will show up with integrity – fully themselves, with all of their best ideas, honest about what they see and think, and ready to contribute to the organization’s greater good.

In this session, Ron will preview the findings in advance of his keynote presentation at the conference in April on where and how honesty is, in fact, a design issue for organizations.

Can We as Org Designers Ever Reach Critical Mass In Our Work?

Held on 12/12/18

Paul’s Presentation Deck

Paul Tolchinsky led a conversation to explore our past successes and failures, what we’ve learned and how we take our learning’s into the future together.  What is the impact and momentum organization designers have had on each other and organizations?  How do we build bridges to other adjacent communities? Where is the critical thinking in organizations, the openness to reflect and adjust, to find the positive deviants and leverage their know-how and energy?

Org Design at Critical Mass?

Are we feeling optimistic about the field of org design?  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Organization Redesign at Chevron Pipeline: Minding the Flow

Held on 06/14/18

Kim’s Presentation Deck

An engaging conversation on a successful organization redesign at Chevron Pipeline Company (CPL). CPL used a phased, leader-led project approach to set direction, create design, and execute deployment over a 9-month period. Expect an energizing conversation sharing some of the contradictions and challenges, that led to overall successful outcomes.

Minding the Flow

Minding the Flow
  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Designing for Agility & Innovation

Designing for Agility & Innovation

Held on 05/10/18

This Community Conversation will bridge the gap between our virtual sessions and our annual conference. Whether you attended the conference or not there will be something here for you.

Join us to discuss the themes of Agility and Innovation, which the conference centered around. We’ll share lessons learned during the diverse plenary presentations and peer workshops, and just as importantly . . . the cherry on top. . . all of the very engaging integration discussions sprinkled throughout.

2018 Post-Conference Debrief

Complexity of Consulting for Changing Organizations

Complexity of Consulting for Changing Organizations

Held on 02/27/18

Author Peter Block will explore the challenges of consulting for changing organizations and the complexity of consulting in a world where change efforts can become cosmetic and never fulfill their potential. Based on his book, Flawless Consulting, he will discuss how to have influence and act as a partner. Partnership is the point, contracting is the skill, and recognizing the difference and leveraging each at the right time – that’s the art.

"Complexity of Consulting"

Complexity of Consulting
  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Exploring Organization Assessments

Exploring Organization Assessments

Held on 12/13/17

Jill’s presentation deck (.pdf)

Join us as community member, Jill Windelspecht, leads a discussion on organization assessments.  There are multiple approaches and models that are used. We are looking forward to hearing from you on your ‘favorite’ model(s), why and how you use it so we can all grow!

"Exploring Organization Assessments" a Community Conversation

Exploring Org Assessments
  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Pathways to Digital Transformation

Pathways to Digital Transformation

Held on 11/14/17

Keith’s presentation deck (.pdf)

Join community member, Keith Warren, in a conversation about how Digital Transformation is driving enormous organization and culture change. An understanding of digital transformation will be essential knowledge for any organization design practitioner.

"Pathways to Digital Transformation" a Community Conversation

Navigating Digital Transformation
  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Working on Complex Collaborations

Working on Complex Collaborations

Held on 10/17/17

Anne’s presentation deck (.pdf)

Join community member, Anne Murray Allen, as she leads a conversation – Working on Complex Collaborations – what holds people together when time and circumstances conspire to pull them apart?

"Complex Collaborations" a Community Conversation

Complex Collaborations
  (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Making Complexity Work in Organizations

Making Complexity Work in Organizations

Held on 09/12/17

Denise’s presentation deck (.pdf)

Join community member, Denise Easton, as she leads a conversation on making Complexity work in organizations . . .

"Making Complexity Work" Community Conversation

Making Complexity Work
 (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Engagement Dynamics

Engagement Dynamics

Held on 06/07/17

In this Community Conversation Janet du Preez, engagement researcher and protagonist, will facilitate an exploration of a complex topic which seems to pepper most org design conversations.

Engagement Dynamics

Engagement Dynamics (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Socio-Technical Systems for Dynamic Organization Design

Socio-Technical Systems for Dynamic Organization Design

Held on 03/29/17

Join us as Dr. Marty Trevino, Technical Director of Mission Analytics for the U.S. Dept. of Defense, discusses how the fusion of business intelligence, decision science, and organization design & development is changing everything, and what an OD practitioner path to relevance in the new world may be.

"STS for Dynamic OD" Community Conversation

STS for Dynamic Organization Design (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Achieving and Sustaining Design Outcomes

Achieving and Sustaining Design Outcomes

Held on 02/08/17

Join community member, Dan Ritter and his co-facilitator, Peter Ross, in an engaging dialogue on the considerations beyond establishment of an initial organization design to achieve and sustain desired results. Organization design work is not complete once an effective and efficient design has been established. Explore ways to be thoughtful about transitions, establish and track measures of success, and monitor future design needs.

"Achieving & Sustaining Design Outcomes" Community Conversation

Achieving & Sustaining Design (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Accelerating Design Processes

Accelerating Design Processes

Held on 01/05/17

Join ODF Board member, Bill Zybach, as he leads a discussion addressing the pace of change. . . The world is accelerating at a rapid pace, and our clients expect us to move beyond old linear approaches to design. What have you done to keep up with both the expectations and the pace of change?

"Accelerating Design Processes" Community Conversation

Accelerating Design (.txt file from Chat Box dialogue)

Consulting in Adaptive Systems

Consulting in Adaptive Systems

Held on 12/30/16

Join community member, Mary Winby, in a conversation about how, as the environment becomes more complex, the concept and process for org design and consulting is changing.  Explore ways consultants can be more adaptive to address client real-time needs.

"Consulting in Adaptive Systems" Community Conversation

Power of Presence

Power of Presence

Held on 11/30/16

Join community member, Anna McGrath and her co-facilitator, Julianna Christie, as they lead a conversation on the topic of personal mastery . . .

"Power of Presence" Community Conversation


Sharing wisdom & experience . . .

One of the most often heard comments after one of our annual conferences is, “how amazing it is to be in a room of fellow designers, who are so willing to share their wisdom and experience!” How would you like to have access to that wisdom more than annually?

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