Organization Design Training

The accredited* courses/workshops are endorsed by ODF. They have met a comprehensive set of minimum requirements jointly developed by academics and practitioners. 

*Are you interested in getting your organization design training accredited?

Accredited Training/Workshops:

ODC’s Organization Design Course

This 3-day program consists of three parts:  Setting the Context – “Nature of Organizational Design Work”; Setting the Stage – “Design Concepts & Principals”; The Process – “End-to-End Organizational Design Approach”


Organization Design:  An Essential HR Capability

Specifically created for the HR community, this 2-day workshop provides a foundation in conceptual frameworks (the Star Model), analytical tools, and consulting skills in a highly practical and application-based two-day program.


Designing for Agility: A 7-Step Approach™

This 3-day workshop helps you start with a sound strategic foundation and design the right structures, work processes, and human capital systems that support the agility needed for enduring results.

7-Step Designing for Agility

Building Capabilities

We transfer our tools and methods to members of your organization through engaging workshops to help you build internal organization transformation capabilities.  Available workshops include:


Caliber Academy’s Organization Design Programs

The Caliber Academy’s Organization Design Programs are the only accredited and certified programs in the Middle East and Africa.  Public programs and in-house bespoke programs are delivered throughout the year.


Organization Design Training

This section includes courses/workshops that have not gone through the accreditation process but have been recognized within the Design Community as substantive and valuable to practitioners.

Recognized Training/Workshops:

Strategic Organization Design

Provides core principles, frameworks, models, and tools. Using the Star Model, we address core building blocks of design and strategy.

Advanced Topics in Org Design

Practicum-based course in which participants receive coaching while working through a real design challenge. (Only open to individuals who have already attended the Strategic OD Workshop)


If you or your organization has a workshop that is not included in this list, please provide a paragraph about the delivery history of your course, a table of contents, and your contact information to

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