Digital transformations are a challenge for any organization. For a global, diverse, and complex organization like Boeing, the journey at times feels like taking the ring to Mordor: it is challenge that is at once complicated, complex, chaotic, exciting, and urgent. We don’t have Elvin knives or mithril vests, but we do have a fellowship and a framework to bind them all.

In this session we will share a framework for identifying and evaluating Obvious, Complicated, Complex and Chaotic environments and demonstrate adapting organizational design methods to each of those domains. We will present examples of approaches we have used in different domains and what we learned as we applied them. We will consider how organization design adapts to new practices and technologies such as SAFe, Scrum, and model-based engineering, while working within the complexity of a more slowly evolving, hierarchical ecosystem. Finally, the journey changes the Fellowship members themselves – and we’ll end with a discussion on how this challenge has impacted the OD consultants’ role, expectations, skills, and mental models. This session will be highly interactive with opportunities to learn from each other as we go!

DAVID NOLL is a Senior Organization Effectiveness Consultant for The Boeing Company where he combines his background in Manufacturing Operations with 20 years of consulting experience to develop practical results-oriented solutions for his clients. Recent projects David has worked on include; Flight and Lab Test safety, 777X Leadership team development, Commercial Airplanes Engineering organization optimization and designing an enterprise-wide Manufacturing and Supply Chain organization. Mr. Noll specializes in influencing change in complex systems, organizational design and strategy development.

Mr. Noll has B.A. degrees from the University of Washington in Business Administration and Speech Communication as well as a M.S. from Seattle Pacific University in Human Resource Management/Organization Development.

David has taught executive classes at the Boeing Leadership Center on Leading in Complex Environments and has presented on managing large-scale virtual projects at the International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium in Cambridge, UK and on building internal learning communities at TechLearn in Orlando, Florida.

DUYEN BUI is a Senior Organizational Capability Consultant for the Boeing Company, providing support for projects and executives across the enterprise. Recent projects she has worked on include the stand-up of the Global Services division, transformations of groups such as Supply Chain, Quality, Analytics, and US Army Services, and change management for M&As and JVs. Prior to Boeing, Duyen was a People & Organization Capability consultant at Microsoft.

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