Industry 4.0, otherwise known as digital transformation, has brought an undeniable value of organizational culture as the main enabler of success. The current speed and complexity of environmental conditions, as well as demands of digital transformation, change and require completely different mindsets and organizational behaviors.  The shift calls for a thoughtful, disciplined approach to change, a combination of relevant organization design and effectiveness solutions, and ongoing iterating and learning to make the culture real.

This session is intended to share Microsoft’s journey towards an organizational culture that unlocks customer value, innovation, agility, and learning to match digital era demands. It is also designed to share the flexible, yet focused, change approach that pursues behavioral shifts, systemic processes and practices change, and effective storytelling. Additionally, the real-live examples of the organization design and effectiveness solutions will be presented and discussed at the session.

The participants will hear about Microsoft’s journey, then spend the time in small peer groups reflecting and formulating the takeaways for the application in their own context.

IRADA SADYKHOVA is the Senior Director of Organization Development (OD) at Microsoft. Her primary organizational responsibility is for culture activation efforts across the company and for executive leadership capability building, in collaboration with multiple stakeholders across enterprise. Irada also provides OD consultation to variety of initiatives that are primarily focused on furthering our culture of growth mindset. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2005, Irada worked in a variety of functional leadership roles for the Cendant companies, managing Sales, Marketing, Quality/Six Sigma, IT, and HR across over 40 countries. Originally, Irada is from Russia, where her work experiences included doing research and teaching at the St. Petersburg State University in the field of psychology, linguistics, and philosophy.

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