RICH THAYER & BILL ZYBACH – Syngineering: Building Agility Into Every Organization

Given the complexity and volatility of today’s world, practitioners recognize that there is not one best approach to organization design. This session illustrates how to select among the four most common design methods based on what is the best fit-for-purpose given the specific combination of a business’s landscape, strategy and culture. Also, given the almost continuous disruption in the global marketplace, it is no longer an option, the presenters contend, to build agility into new operating models – but a requirement. The workshop demonstrates how to build agility into the design process for greater sustainability, rather than bolting it on afterwards.

The intention of the presenters is to open the design “black box” and share with participants the key underlying principles and a common framework which they call SPEED, which allows practitioners to both compare and ultimately mix and match the four most common design methods. The session will be enable participants to tailor and align their own approaches to their client’s respective business landscapes, strategies and cultures.

A “design-challenge” format will be used, featuring three case studies: a government technology organization; a regional oil company; and a regional smart-home heating business. Participants will conduct mini-design sessions, and then the presenters will discuss what actually occurred.

BILL ZYBACH is based out of Richmond, Virginia. He is a board member of ODF and co-leads the Practitioner Development Team. He collaborates globally in developing organization design capabilities, particularly in the US, Europe and Africa. He is active with EODF and the Organization Design Community, and “Flourish” in South Africa. His design methods include Holacracy/agile, design prototyping, and the Conference Model applied in government, health, finance and manufacturing. In 2010, he joined ZTC Consulting, and is now Innovation Director.

RICH THAYER is a senior organisation consultant based out of Baltimore, MD. At Royal Dutch Shell he held various leadership roles then moved into organisation consulting. He supported company-wide, joint venture, and functional strategic change programs. His work emphasized the root causes and behavioral barriers to high performance in these complex multi-national systems. In 2010, he joined ZTC Consulting where he is Managing Director.

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