Axelrod Group – People support what they have a hand in creating, while a future designed by a few creates unnecessary resistance. Our Conference Model® approach to organizational design involves internal and external stakeholders in a series of integrated conferences and walk-thrus from the beginning. In these workshop-type sessions, participants at all levels create an organization that is productive and worthy of pride.

The Clarion Group is a management advisory firm that helps senior executives (both individuals and teams) accelerate their leadership performance to conquer their toughest business challenges. We believe when leaders improve the alignment of their strategy, organization design and culture, performance will kick into higher gear.

Claudia Murphy Consulting, Inc. uses a holistic approach to organization design. We encompass more than structure, also defining key processes, skills and capabilities needed, rewards systems that support the desired behaviors.

CMC helps to focus design efforts on areas that will most quickly and effectively impact the ability to execute your strategy. We approach the effort in a variety of ways, dependent on the needs and situation in the organization. We are experts in using methods to engage the organization in designing its future organization.

Map your people’s path towards highest performance. FutureWorks Consulting helps you resolve the sticky issues standing in the way of your organization, your projects, your teams and your leadership.

Galbraith Management Consultants, Ltd provides expert, confidential consulting services to senior managers and executives in global organizations facing strategy and design challenges. They specialize in analyzing and solving complex organizational issues, tailoring specific solutions for individual firms.

Dr. Sasha Galbraith studies women-designed organizations and provides consulting services to small and large multi-national organizations regarding women in management and diversity issues.

Solutions Consulting  provides organization design and development services that identify and address organizational, behavioral and cultural barriers to implementing significant change in organizations. Drawing on a broad base of experience, we design and implement new strategies to help organizations align their systems, structures and processes to increase their business capabilities.

SPRING Network bridges the worlds of organization strategy, innovation, and design. Stu Winby and Spring Network counsel leaders on how to transition their enterprises from tightly managed hierarchies into flexible, distributed networks that outstrip the status quo’s business results. Our work anticipates the future and solves complex problems to advance organizational performance in human and economic terms.

Naomi Stanford has learned that organizations are not designed by formulas, frameworks, typologies and progressive steps. If they can be designed (which is debateable) then it is by being constantly alert to working curiously with small possibilities that could make a big difference in complex and unknowable environments.

Kates Kesler is an organization design firm that works with successful companies to:

  • Guide leaders and their teams to make sound choices about the design of their organizations
  • Coach CEOs and senior executives to be more effective leaders
  • Develop the skills of managers at all levels to succeed in complex, matrixed, and global environments
  • Build the capability of the human resource function to support organization effectiveness

The Kates Kesler team serves as organization design advisors to leaders in business, government, and non-profits around the world.

Tricordant is a whole systems consultancy working across all types of complex organisation.  Our mission is to enable people to work to their full potential, through the creation of whole work within healthy, sustainable and effective organisations.

AlignOrg Solutions helps organizations transform. We do this by helping you discover insights that will lead to differentiation. We do this by helping you plan strategies that will lead to superior results. We help you align your organization – its capabilities, choices and resources. And, we magnify your efforts to effectively implement, communicate and engage others so your organization delivers.

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