Adam is a passionate and experienced Organization Design & Development (OD&D) practitioner with global, cross-industry experience in planning, facilitating, and delivering around 50 large-scale business transformation projects and many more process improvement projects, OD interventions and change initiatives. Adam tries to combine his knowledge of OD&D theory with a pragmatic and participative approach in everything he does.

He has a background in consulting but is currently playing an internal role at ON Semiconductor, a Fortune 500 global organization headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

He went to the University of Hull in the UK where he studied History, the study of change over time, which he applies to his practice in change.

Previously a member of the European ODF, Adam became involved with the ODF in 2017 by joining the conference planning committee for the Santa Fe conference. He has since remained on the planning committee and is now co-chair of the 2020 conference.

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